Urgent Call for Help and Prayer for IFL

A message from Roland and Faylene Beard on October 31, 2020:

We received unusual communications from the director of the Institute for Foundational Learning (IFL), Pat Capwell about the situation at IFL, where we make our mission trips. The COVID situation, which continues to lock down much of the Philippine economy, has also directly affected their support from Philippine donors, many of whom have reduced support due to their own hardships. Furthermore, the network of IFL Christian schools has been hard hit, and the IFL home base provides the administrative support for this network of schools. Some have closed from financial hardship, but the IFL home base still has to prepare online instruction for their school and various helps to other operating schools. It is getting very hard to do this with the fixed costs and reduced support. More important to us than all of these things is the IFL compound with staff and families. They are essential for raising and educating dozens of orphans in five children’s homes on the compound. Support for the children has dwindled in the face of increasing financial pressures. All of this is hard on critical staff members. We know many of them and are close to many of the children.

IFL has diligently tried to maintain a series of “cottage industries” and expanded garden production — all to assist with the food requirements for all those on the compound and also bring income. These efforts, although they have helped, have not been enough to meet expenses and compensate for a reduced income from Philippine supporters. The food allotment for children and staff is being scaled back due to insufficient funds.  Damage from a typhoon less than two weeks ago destroyed their gardens and their rice, which was about ready to harvest. A near by “piggery” had cases of disease that got to the IFL pigs. IFL lost their pigs.

As we speak, Super Typhoon Rolly is expected to be the strongest typhoon to hit the compound in a number of years. Normally IFL is sending teams out to help other areas. This time, they are very near the track line for the storm. It is not good. We have prayed for their safety and a reduction in the intensity of the storm. [UPDATE on Nov 1: the Cat 5 Typhoon, after  crossing the Bicol area that sustained major damage, weakened considerably. By the time it crossed the Luzon area near IFL area, the winds had dramatically lessened and the rain was not as intense as expected. Many prayed that God would intervene, and He did. We are very thankful.]

Faylene and I are praying for our friends regularly and wiring extra funds in the middle of each of the next three months to try to help. Our few thousand dollars are not enough. If you can help, we would appreciate it over the next three months as they recover from the lost harvest, lost industries, loss of support for the children they are raising, and ongoing administrative costs that help their school and others function. Please pray that the effects of COVID lessen and the economic as well as immigration restrictions get relaxed.

There is a donate button on the site under the drop down menu. Or, you can send checks to the ministry address (CHRISTWORKS MINISTRIES, 26 Teaberry Pl, Fishersville, Va 22939. In the subject line or on checks, please put: Help to IFL.

We would be at IFL in November, except getting into the country is not possible with COVID restrictions from immigration. We hope to go to IFL as soon as some of the restrictions lift. In the meantime we pray for our friends and talk with many of them several hours each week to encourage them.

Thanks for reading.


Note: Pictures are from previous mission trips.

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