Hope Moon

Hope Moon. “I don’t see it.” I tell the man. “It’s there.  The clouds are covering it,” he explains. “How can you be sure?” “It’s right above the sunset.” He searches in the binoculars.  It takes him only a few seconds to find the very new moon – Day 2.… Continue reading

Two Days in July–from Binocular to Telescope

It is not just the act of a single observation of the heavens that is significant. When an observer begins to step back and consider what has been seen and recorded, a period of observation begins to take on a larger view. As we teach teachers how to observe the… Continue reading

High in the Sky; Constant and Clear: the Beehive Cluster

Whether north or south of the equator, most people can see the Beehive Cluster shortly after sunset and high in the sky. Whether it is a poor poverty stricken neighborhood or a rich suburb of a modern city, it is the same. Whether the observer is  a doctor or a… Continue reading