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We do not post many news updates, and usually the occasion is a mission trip. COVID restrictions for entering the Philippines have kept us from returning, but we are still engaged with those we love at IFL. We chat with children or staff several hours each week, continue to send boxes of supplies and gifts (the latest three FOREX boxes left several weeks ago), and we are working on writing projects that will benefit the federation of schools they help administrate. We dearly want to return, but the restrictions have not lifted so far. For your information, their ministry changed names some time ago to IFL Integrated Community Development Ministries Inc. but we continue to use the acronym “IFL” for shortness.

If you have not seen it, please read the prayer and support request that was last posted. We know these people and their functions, so we are able to assure you that the money IFL receives from Faylene and me (or anyone else) is carefully spent. Their staff receives no regular income and the ministry is a Filipino ministry — it is not a US offshoot, and it does not have a US office. We say this because we generally put most of our support to indigenous work. We are there to assist and encourage as we can, but they govern themselves. In our estimation they do it well. It is just a very hard time with the country-wide COVID restrictions and the natural disasters they have endured. And, which is close to our heart, they are home for many orphans who we love.

At home in the US: we are embarking on learning how to make and post video that will be an aid for the biblical creation book, eBook, and APP. This will help IFL schools, other ministries, and people use the resource more effectively. It is the beginning of a long process of spreading the material and the training aids as a package. If you can offer any assistance or help us on the video work, let us know. As it stands, we will be using cell phone-based video to mount on a YouTube channel once we learn the ropes. We expect to need about 30-40 15-20 minute clips before everything is done. It will probably take a year. We are looking for ways to make the process easier and quicker. With a staff of two (two of us) doing everything on the video, it is a bit of a challenge. However it turns out, it has to be clear, simple, and easy to use for developing regions that do not necessarily have the greatest and latest cell phones. Please pray for us as we embark on this task.

In regard to the book, eBook, and APP on biblical creation: if readers will obtain or download one of them and provide a positive evaluation, it might help spread the word. The objective in the end is to make the resource available to developing regions, where Christian resources are hard to find or get, and the poor. This is why the APP, in particular, is free, but we don’t know how to make it known without contacts that can use it. Please pray for us as we investigate every possible open door to spread the material. The APP, as we tell people, is essential because it is easily downloadable and can be blue-toothed from phone to phone. Only the Android version is currently available. We are trying to get the Apple version through the system. This effort needs prayer as well. It is not easy to get all this done. The title and details are on posts on the site front page and under COURSES/DOWNLOADABLE COURSES on the drop down menu.

If you are a subscriber, let us know if there are issues with the site. We check from our end and subscribe ourselves on the new email subscription software. There have been a couple of glitches. If you find one, let us know and we will try to have it fixed.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for reading our posts. ‘Likes’ and constructive comments are always welcome.

Roland and Faylene Beard


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