Love’s Birthplace

What is the character of love? How did it start? Where did it come from?

The world is now dominated by the idea that we came from something less than human, which came from some sort of barely living thing, which came from some non-living substance. All of this allegedly happened by itself. Then, we are nothing special. Thus, the current definition of relationships or love among people is changeable as long as things are presently lawful and don’t break recent traditions of acceptability. Take note, however, that the newest secular textbooks do not generally refer to traditional family as it had been. Relationships can change form, character, number, gender, and age — all with decreasing moral implications — as long as no one gets ‘hurt’ and the local changing cultural practices permit the behavior.

How can you tell this is true? Compare educational books for the young a century ago in the US.  Biblical concepts of love and family were still considered acceptable guidelines for behavior in relationships. This is no longer the case. Along with our origins from something less than human comes the idea that we can set our own rules about love. Almost any type of relationship is currently acceptable.

Is this OK? Is it working? One only has to go as far as statistics on human behavior in these areas: suicide, slavery or trafficking, abortion on demand, divorce, and the acceptability of violence and sex in media. All have substantially risen. Man’s definitions of love do not seem to be functioning very well. To compensate, since biblical concepts are not acceptable, there has been an increase in course material for the young to promote self image and ethics. With all those additions, the statistics have not improved.

On the other hand, the biblical concept of love is quite different and it has not changed. Love comes from the Creator, the Sustainer of the creation, and is first recorded in the words about His attention to the first people in Genesis. His purposes and intentions for mankind are stated or exhibited by His actions in Genesis and many other books of the Bible. The biblical record has a wealth of examples to affirm God’s definition of a love that works. God is plain spoken about the critical need for love in our makeup, which begins with Him and our relationship with Him. So, the birthplace of love, in a biblical world view, is God.

What concept of love do you want your children to learn? To learn about the biblical world view and the birthplace of love in that view, we have a book or a free APP that treats the subject because it is one of the cornerstones of the Bible. The material not only presents the biblical world view, it also compares the biblical and the evolutionary world views by general subject. Implications on human behavior are examined. The last unit concentrates on why this matters to people, especially the young as they discover who they are and what love means. Go to COURSES and DOWNLOADABLE COURSES to find ways to get these resources.

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