Hope Moon

Hope Moon. “I don’t see it.” I tell the man. “It’s there.  The clouds are covering it,” he explains. “How can you be sure?” “It’s right above the sunset.” He searches in the binoculars.  It takes him only a few seconds to find the very new moon – Day 2.… Continue reading

The Heart of Home

Early September 2017 Report from the Philippines (IFL) The mechanics of this mission trip were not easy. Preparation was arduous and took days. Other tasks interfered. There was no rest until we were on the flight, and that rest was limited. The director (Pat) of the Institute of Foundational Learning… Continue reading

Vicarious Observing a World Apart

Observing the created heavens with our Filipino friends is being done from the US through a combination of astro-video tools and streaming video from www.nightskiesnetwork.ca. It is a story worth telling because our friends are only equipped with small f/5 refractor kits that we sent a few years ago. Part… Continue reading