The Fossil Record

The fossil record is like a large flag waving in a field that points to worldwide catastrophe. The interest in finding and studying fossils has catapulted the number of discoveries during the last century. What are some of them like?

“Rapid burial of sea or land creatures, of course, is a characteristic of Genesis Flood conditions and essential for fossilization. In more recent discoveries, soft tissue patterns have been discovered that illustrate how the perfect conditions occurred to fossilize jellyfish. Normally they would rot or be torn apart quickly, yet they were preserved and fossilized quickly. In some places, rain drops or small sand patterns were preserved. [In other places] fish can be found eating fish; birth processes are sometimes evident; stomach contents are definable–all pointing to a rapid burial and transformation to a fossil…

Fossils are often seemingly found in strange places. A pod of whales is in the corner of a Chilean desert. They are well preserved, about 80 in number, and well away from the ocean.”      Quotes are extracted from Unit 2, Lesson 9 of A Study of God’s Creation Filled With Purpose, Direction, and Consequence.

When we teach on the subject, we show fossils and usually show this fossilized clam. I picked it up in a stream bed about 20 miles from Dallas, Texas. The clam is completely fossilized. The edge is sharp because the clam was buried alive. The interior is fossilized completely. 1200 miles away in West Virginia it is very common to find marine fossils (shells and worms), and we easily collect pounds of them every year to show to schools that we visit.

How can this be? The numbers of locations of fossils, the varying types of fossils, and the more recent increasing finds of incomplete fossilization (like some found in a T-Rex fossil), are shouting evidence of the worldwide Genesis Flood — just as it is described in the Bible. It does not take millions of years to make a fossil, just the right conditions for the right period of time. That worldwide year-long flood is a one time occurrence — about 4500 years ago.

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