The Speech of the Stars

The heavens talk; they tell a story. In essence, stars have speech.

Creation of the sun, moon, and stars is mentioned in Genesis 1:14-18 during the fourth day of creation. The stars seem  like an afterthought. In some translations it is a sentence; in others it is a phrase. In the end, the same thought is conveyed: they were created quickly and put in specific locations. Add the verses of Psalm 19, and you see why they were made: they display the attributes of God by their very magnitude, number, make-up, placement, and energy.

One can adopt the view that they came about by themselves (called Naturalism and taught as fact in most schools) but not one formula or story or process known to man leads to the first star, much less the first particles, and even less how it began. It is a story, of course, without God.

Genesis 1 was conveyed by the Author of it all, and He gives reasons for its characteristics, because they point to Him. So here we are (if you were with my lovely wife and me those two nights) observing two star cities — organized groups of stars in unimaginable numbers called galaxies. Even they are different in themselves. These two are different, but popular to look at.

There are many verses that speak of the heavens, and they begin with the Genesis 1 premise: I (God) created them. We cover many of these verses in Unit 1, Lesson 10 and Unit 3, Lesson 4 of A Study of God’s Creation Filled with Purpose Direction and Consequence. See the COURSES on the site for more information on how to get the latest book, eBook, or free APP. Above all, get outside on a good dark night, and begin to record what you see like we do.

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  1. I have always likeed the way you present your art with the “Word”.

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