Ministry Reports

Ministry reports of significant activities are developed on demand rather than on a regular schedule. After a significant amount of activity in any of our major projects or when a change in activity or emphasis occurs, we typically make a report to local supporters or requesting churches and organizations.

This page contains the links to a few of those recent reports. The titles are placed in reverse chronological order (the most recent reports are first). Titles are self descriptive to identify the project and date of the report.

Check out our News page and Ministry If you wish to see pictures of activities, go to the Ministry Outreach pages for a description of available projects with pictures.

Ministry Reports: 

Back in the Philippines (March 2023)

The link takes you to our first interim report for this two-month mission trip to the Philippines. We hope you ...
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Finance Report with Comments (2022)

2021-2022 Finance Report and Comments. We normally post our financial report for the previous fiscal year (ours runs from Aug ...
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Living Memories — A Heart View of the Philippine Mission Trip

April, 2022 at IFL, Laguna, Philippines. A mission trip is not just about numbers and events. It is about people ...
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2020-2021 In Review and the Look Ahead

The link to the report that summarizes 2020-2021 and takes a brief look ahead to 2022 is at the end ...
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2019 Review and the Road Ahead

We have completed a year-end review and this is the report. There are significant actions and challenges that lie ahead ...
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Questions Are Revealing

****An early August Report from Roland and Faylene Beard**** We are training teachers in a federation of Christian schools in ...
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Starting on the Run: Children, Biblical Creation Curriculum, and Training (July 2019)

Fruit is already showing from this mission trip, and there is a busy time ahead. While it takes a few ...
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2018 Report and 2019 Projections

The following link takes you to our report on our 2018 mission work in the Philippines. It includes our personal ...
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Serving Where You Are Called

This is an update on the Philippine Project from Roland and Faylene Beard that includes the last four-month trip and ...
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2016-2017 Financial Report and Comments

December 8, 2017 From the president of CHRISTWORKS  to those who support us in many ways: We recently submitted all ...
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Love and Obey: Report on Jan-Mar 2017 Mission Trip

This trip marks a significant change as the calling to become a more consistent part of the ministry Institute of ...
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Philippines Mission Trip: Mid-Term Report, Feb 2017

The link takes you to the February 15, 2017 mid-term report for the Philippine mission Trip to the Institute of Foundational ...
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