Tax Reports

Part of the most recent CHRISTWORKS MINISTRIES tax or government-related reporting is in this part of the site and is posted below in the form of links. We generally change or update the information in the November/December period of each year to reflect reporting from the our last fiscal year (our fiscal years begin on August 1 of a given year and end July 31 of the following year).  Board members discuss the reporting after the end of fiscal year along with a general report of activities and projections of expenses for the near future. This page only has the financial part with a few comments. General and projected activity is in the <Ministry Reports> submenu. The text reports that are below are our standard finance reports that are generated from financial software. They are reviewed by board members and signed/submitted as required to the Commonwealth of Virginia, where this non-profit is based. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The financial reporting for August 1, 2018 to July 31, 2019 is comprised of a Profit and Loss statement as well as a balance sheet. The Profit and Loss statement link: CWM 2018_2019 Profit_Loss.  The Balance Sheet link: CWM 2018_2019 Balance Sheet

As one can see, the ministry in general continues to “lose” money. The average balance at the end of the last few fiscal years shows continual decrease. Contributions continue to decrease. We are on record (in our official minutes for the last few years) for repeatedly thinking the next year would be the last to operate, but we continue to have enough funds to continue. It is true, however, that the decreasing balance cannot decrease forever. At this point (January 2020) there are insufficient ministry funds (our balance is approximately 2K) to make an additional mission trip to the Philippines. There is another trend at work: personal financing of the trips has been increasing. The work is important enough to those we serve so that, if at all possible, we will continue to do what we have to do (with or without assistance). By God’s grace, we will continue. For the few who have contributed to CHRISTWORKS, we are grateful and will continue to do what we can.


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