A Basic Guide to Prayer and Action in a Declining Country

A Basic Guide to Prayer and Action in a Declining Country. Public calls to pray seem to have lessened, but the need to pray and act are rising. Prayer, of course, if disconnected from appropriate action, is like walking with one leg. It can be done, but anyone who has… Continue reading

Urgent Call for Help and Prayer for IFL

A message from Roland and Faylene Beard on October 31, 2020: We received unusual communications from the director of the Institute for Foundational Learning (IFL), Pat Capwell about the situation at IFL, where we make our mission trips. The COVID situation, which continues to lock down much of the Philippine… Continue reading

Two Silver Bracelets

The lady with clear eyes and a big smile reached down and drew out a gift of two silver bracelets. She wanted me to have something from her so I would remember to pray for her.  Despite her recent diagnosis of terminal cancer, nothing could rob her of the joy… Continue reading