It Is About Relationship — It Always Has Been

We can point to volumes of evidence that illustrate the magnitude and effects of the Genesis Flood. We can talk about the incredible created universe in various respects that cannot have happened on its own. We can talk about a world subject to decay (due to sin) that is marked… Continue reading

Kinds from the Beginning — Not SSMM

Kinds from the Beginning — Not SSMM. A little girl and boy go to class. Around the fifth grade they begin to be introduced to old or ancient history as well as some sort of introductory science. The vast majority of secular books from this grade level and up say… Continue reading

A Light Has Dawned

Darkness prevailed over the land. People were in bondage to both a governmental system and a religious system that choked the life from everyday people. Lawlessness had increased. Corruption in tax collection and among the elite were common. Political or religious leadership would do anything to protect even the notion… Continue reading