YouTube channel public: CreationStudyHelps — Update

Our new “CreationStudyHelps” YouTube channel has now been public for a week. We have added a video which takes the short series through the Genesis Flood. The series is good for seekers who may not be familiar with the radical differences between a biblical world view and a naturalistic/evolutionary world view of the world around them. A few teachers and teenagers have said they like it, so we hope it gets around.

This effort is part of a project to get the free APP to developing areas where the cell phone is about the only thing available. Then, if interested, we tell them how to get the free Android APP of the complete resource to learn more. So, you can help us be spreading the word, especially if you know people doing mission work and young people with real questions about who they are and where they come from.

Here is the link: CreationStudyHelps – YouTube

There is a trailer for the APP and the purpose for the resource as well as four videos as of January 19. There will be more videos coming in the next three weeks.

We invite you to see the videos and subscribe. If you have comments or suggestions, we would like to hear them

Roland and Faylene


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