The Grandeur of the Heavens

The Grandeur of the Created Heavens

In our neck of the woods, which is in the middle of the mountains in eastern West Virginia, we do not get clear nights very often during Winter. But when we do, it is like playing in a candy store when you can anything you want. The stars on January 13, 2021 were beautiful. The weather had not clouded in as predicted, and I wanted to show my Lovely the Flame Nebula.

We “beamed” the video signal from a widefield setup on the telescope to the warmth of our cabin and began to sketch. 45 minutes later we changed to M78, which had eluded us in clouds the last time we looked. This time my Lovely watched me as I did a quick sketch.

In the relaxing period after all the equipment was shut down, we talked about the objects, looked at the beautiful nebula structure of the Flame, and took a peek outside. Not a star was in sight. Observing is like that: you observe when you can, or you never can count on being successful.

Faith is like that in circumstances. You move quickly, having received instruction from the Word or the Holy Spirit to walk or act accordingly. Or, you miss the opportunity. Sometimes the opportunity comes again; sometimes it does not. As a Christian, we have learned that instant obedience and response is better. Putting things aside, usually because our own desires seem more important, means we miss opportunity. In even shorter terms, it usually means we are disobedient. Our God loves us so much we have an Advocate who can forgive us of sins, so if we miss things or do not act, we quickly make it right. It pays to have a short account with God, to be fresh and responsive.

Nearly every time I observe, I think about this principle, because observing opportunities are so similar. Hope you enjoy the sketches. We sure enjoyed the night. It was a good evening to give thanks.



Technical notes:

Telescope — Celestron SCT, 8 inch

With Hyperstar Lens and MallinCAM Astro-video camera — magnification about 50 power

Output — composite video to 12 inch LCD/TFT monitor

Sketches done with pastels

Creator of original real image:  God



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  1. My goodness how beautiful!!!! Roland you have persuaded me to purchase a telescope for me and the grandchildren to enjoy God’s
    Creation. Do not know a thing about them, but can surely learn.
    Thank you all again and God Bless. Please be safe


    • Thanks for the comments. Talk to me or download the free book on observing to get ideas about equipment. You can easily buy the wrong thing. Want you to get something that will work in five years and not be a killer to use. Roland

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