The Majesty of Creator God

The Majesty of Creator God. Is God great? It is not hard to determine. First, read the Bible account of creation, see the number of references to creation in both Old and New Testaments, list the authors (the major prophets, the minor prophets, God in first person, Jesus in first… Continue reading

Chalk Talk Video Series — Man’s Problem and the Solution

Why are we not getting better? Why is there so much evil? Is there a solution? The last two videos of this chalk talk series have been published. Have questions about why humankind is a mess and continues its warring ways? The biblical world view has answers. The questions are… Continue reading

Two More Chalk Talk Videos — “Man” and the “Flood”

We have two more short, chalk-talk videos on the CreationStudyHelps YouTube channel that have been published during the last few days (late September 2022). The first is about man, where he comes from, and why it’s important. The second is on a gigantic worldwide flood — the one referenced in… Continue reading