Back to Observing the Created Heavens

Back to Observing the Created Heavens. We held over 10 observing sessions in March and April 2023 in the Philippines with children and adults. We thoroughly enjoyed presenting the heavens to a church in Calatrava, Negros Occidental, where we were asked to speak on biblical creation. Most of the members… Continue reading

The Majesty of Creator God

The Majesty of Creator God. Is God great? It is not hard to determine. First, read the Bible account of creation, see the number of references to creation in both Old and New Testaments, list the authors (the major prophets, the minor prophets, God in first person, Jesus in first… Continue reading

Fossils of Delicate Tissue: Rapidly Formed in the Genesis Flood

Here is the nature of fossils: they were formed rapidly, and most formed during the Genesis Flood. This is not the typical children’s education explanation, which always includes deep time (millions of years) for fossils to form. But that explanation does not make physical sense in view of the types… Continue reading