The Winter Circle and Moonscape

The winter circle is high overhead in the early evenings of March in the Philippines. It’s name draws questions because Philippine children do not know four seasons, so I have to explain to them how it got its name. This particular night was with my wife (a budding observer of… Continue reading

Fake News and the Truth

Fake news only has credibility when the sources are not checked and it appears that someone reputable was not actually present. in the digital age when things can be made to appear real, altering perceptions gets even easier. It is no different in things that appear scientific. Are they? Who… Continue reading

Vicarious Observing a World Apart

Observing the created heavens with our Filipino friends is being done from the US through a combination of astro-video tools and streaming video from It is a story worth telling because our friends are only equipped with small f/5 refractor kits that we sent a few years ago. Part… Continue reading