Higher and Deeper, Note 2

Higher and Deeper, Note 2 Roland and Faylene March 18, 2020 The waning crescent moon was visible this morning from our kitchen window.  We grabbed the binoculars to get a closer look at the familiar yet still mysterious moon.  This is our home – our little cabin in the valley… Continue reading

The Winter Circle and Moonscape

The winter circle is high overhead in the early evenings of March in the Philippines. It’s name draws questions because Philippine children do not know four seasons, so I have to explain to them how it got its name. This particular night was with my wife (a budding observer of… Continue reading

Hope Moon

Hope Moon. “I don’t see it.” I tell the man. “It’s there.  The clouds are covering it,” he explains. “How can you be sure?” “It’s right above the sunset.” He searches in the binoculars.  It takes him only a few seconds to find the very new moon – Day 2.… Continue reading