Active Oversight is Often Forgotten

The week’s forecast was not exciting.  Snow showers and clouds for the eastern West Virginia mountains were expected nearly every day, so no observing of the heavens was possible. When the clearing came one early morning, the dim light of dawn crept through the blinds and woke us. The crescent… Continue reading

Brave Mother

OPEN LETTER TO A BRAVE MOTHER This letter was written to my friend who just underwent a double mastectomy for cancer.  Thankfully, there was no cancer found in her lymph nodes.  She gave me permission to post the letter… Brave mother, Your letter just before surgery expressed that you wept… Continue reading

The Winter Circle and Moonscape

The winter circle is high overhead in the early evenings of March in the Philippines. It’s name draws questions because Philippine children do not know four seasons, so I have to explain to them how it got its name. This particular night was with my wife (a budding observer of… Continue reading

The Power of a Biblical Marriage Covenant

It is not a secret. Marriage between one woman and one man in a biblical worldview yields fruit and measurable peace. Statistics show it. Behavior shows it. People, even little people, are affected in a positive way when around it. We see children all the time. Many are orphans. Sometimes… Continue reading