Is the Genesis Flood Real? A new video…

The Genesis Flood in the Bible is often viewed as fictitious, yet more and more evidence fits the biblical world view. If it is true, the long ages of uniform and very slow changes is challenged at its core.

We have just posted a video on the CreationStudyHelps YouTube channel that highlights some findings about the Genesis Flood. The video is an abstract from our resource that is now being distributed freely as a cell phone APP for android phones. The biblical basis for all of this is Genesis chapters 4-8.

We encourage subscribers and friends to take look at the 10 minute video.

The series is designed to reach those who are questioning what they see, have doubts about their world view, and are seeking answers. This one on the Flood is quite dramatic, and the Flood was, of course, catastrophic.

Here is the link to the video: Fourth Video: Poisoned Culture to Global Flood — From Unit 2 of the Resource – YouTube

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