A Gem for Children Learning Bible Basics

Learning Bible Basics with Children

I have found a gem of videos in a series called “Bible Mom–5-Minute Bible Lessons for Kids” by Liza Peltola. Here is a link to one of them as an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrWizzwUK4c

One of my closest friends and board members has a daughter who is a good writer. More recently, she started a series of videos on youtube.com that I got hooked on from the start. Each one is no longer than about 5 minutes. The short lessons are each begun with a prop or symbol, include several key verses, and tell a story. Her diction is excellent, which is important for my friends where English is a second language. Her style is very engaging.

If you like the episodes, please pass the word. I believe she has 13 so far and intends to do 30-40 for starters.

Yep, I watch them. They make me smile. And, I have favorites and remember the stories or examples. This is a real good sign of more widespread acceptance. It is an excellent way to encourage young ones or parents. The episodes are easy to watch for many ages. I think elementary grades were the target.

Roland Beard

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