Two Silver Bracelets

The lady with clear eyes and a big smile reached down and drew out a gift of two silver bracelets. She wanted me to have something from her so I would remember to pray for her.  Despite her recent diagnosis of terminal cancer, nothing could rob her of the joy… Continue reading

Brave Mother

OPEN LETTER TO A BRAVE MOTHER This letter was written to my friend who just underwent a double mastectomy for cancer.  Thankfully, there was no cancer found in her lymph nodes.  She gave me permission to post the letter… Brave mother, Your letter just before surgery expressed that you wept… Continue reading

Moving Forward and Thankful Looking Back

A New Threshold. Faylene and I are moving forward into new waters in several ways. First, the biblical creation curriculum is now going to print in the Philippines for schools in the Institute for Foundational Learning (IFL). That action brings a concentrated period of training of teachers and pastors that… Continue reading