Special Performance by the Creator

The Creator of the universe rolls out a small amphitheater before this audience of two sets of green eyes with matching wedding bands. His backdrop is variant shades of green and blue; the lighting is brilliant morning rays.  The performers on the stage are a pair of sporting catbirds, a… Continue reading

The Beauty, the Beast, and the Reason

The search for answers to tragedy are never ending. Whether the event is in a little Baptist church, a university campus, or streets where runners are on a marathon, the newscasts portray the heart rending events along with the a typical announcement that authorities are searching for answers. The beasts… Continue reading

Creation Moment: Color

From flowers to clouds to the heavens, each arena of creation reveals part of its splendor in terms of color. Interpretation of color involves our uniquely created eyes and our brain. We have the ability to detect minute differences. Consider some color applications. The electromagnetic spectrum is huge, while the… Continue reading