Creation Study

A Study of God’s Creation filled with Purpose, Direction, and Consequence

Author:  Roland K. Beard III

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This study provides a basic study on biblical creation and compares it to the evolutionary/naturalistic view that dominates most education institutions and cultural beliefs. It is designed for students, parents, and teachers–especially where biblical-based materials are hard to get or too expensive.

The 27-chapter course is designed to be a weekly study for those 13 and older. You need access to a Bible to cover the material. The study answers questions often asked by people about where they come from, details of the Genesis Flood (or the flood of Noah), where fossils come from, the uniqueness of earth, whether aliens exist, and many other questions that are often on the minds of young people. Why not know the biblical answers and know why they make sense? Students will discover that the evolutionary world view is not as definite as typically represented.

Comparisons to these clashing world views (a biblical-view vs. naturalistic-view) with respect to history, the sciences, and how we general see the world around us are presented in the final chapters. For the record and as presented in the study: God wants us to investigate the world around us. The course is avidly pro-operational science, but origins (where everything came from) is an entirely different matter.

While the course is copyrighted, people may copy and pass it to others as needed, as long as it is free of charge.

The study was originally developed for a foundation of schools in the Philippines. As such, the draft was reviewed by a team consisting of teachers, principles/pastors, and Dr. Carl Wieland of Creation Ministries International.

NOTE: An expanded version of this course (one year course with about 60 lessons) has been developed and is in print in the Philippines that is available through the Institute for Foundational Learning for IFL schools and communities in the Philippines. This four-quarter course is designed for high school and adult instruction education/training. Evaluation is underway to assess how this can be made available in other countries through other means. If interested in this version, contact the author at 

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Author’s Preface
Overview and Basic Principles
Part I The Biblical Foundation
Lesson 1 The Master Chef
Lesson 2 The Ingredients
Lesson 3 The Master Chef’s Quality Control and Oversight
Lesson 4 His Actions and Results: Days One and Two
Lesson 5 His Actions and Results: Days Three and Four
Lesson 6 His Actions and Results: Days Five, Six and Seven
Lesson 7 The Garden Account, Surroundings, and Conditions
Lesson 8 Great Tragedy and Consequence in the Garden Account
Lesson 9 Consequence to Judgment: The Creation Is Poisoned by Sin
Lesson 10 The Ark is Filled and the Flood Begins
Lesson 11 The Peak and the Receding Period
Lesson 12 The Genesis Flood: The Aftermath in the Geological Record
Lesson 13 Post-Flood Beginnings, the Tower, and the Scattering
Lesson 14 A Review of Biblical Creation—Cradle and Context for the Gospel
Part II The Biblical Record: The Guide for Observing the Created Universe
Lesson 15 Introduction, Controversy, and the Clash of Worldviews
Lesson 16 Observing Creation from a Biblical View: The Heavens
Lesson 17 Observing Creation from a Biblical View: The Earth and the Seas
Lesson 18 Observing Creation from a Biblical View: The Atmosphere and Weather
Lesson 19 Observing Creation from a Biblical View: Living Things
Lesson 20 Observing Creation from a Biblical View: People
Lesson 21 Observing Creation from a Biblical View: Miracles and God in Real Events
Part III Comparisons of Biblical and Naturalistic Views by Common Subject
Lesson 22 World History and Social Studies (People, Nations and Cultures)
Lesson 23 Biological and Earth Sciences
Lesson 24 Physical Sciences: Chemistry and Physics
Part IV Does Biblical Creation Matter in the Real World?
Lesson 25 Key Human Issues
Lesson 26 Big Trends—Where We Are, Where We Are Headed and Where the Universe is Headed
Lesson 27 Active Living in a Fallen World—A Biblical Perspective
Addendum 1: Sources and Helps

About the Author:

Roland Beard was trained as an engineer and worked as a systems and trends analyst for the US government for over 25 years, producing numerous documents and providing presentations on material to other agencies. Roland has taught bible topics and books for decades in various church and group settings, but especially those dealing with the Gospels, Acts, and the subject of biblical creation.

Other Training and Presentations on the Subject

Use the CONTACT US page to request training or presentations on this course. As finances and time allow, it will be gladly provided.


2. Second Edition for High School and Adults. 

This expanded edition (same title but labeled the second edition) is designed for classrooms, home schools, or bible studies. Further information and links will be added shortly (under construction).

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