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Last Update:   November 15, 2016

Recently Updated: A report for the middle of the 6th trip to the Philippines, dated February 15, 2017) is listed as a post. The trip has been very successful so far, but there is much work to be done and probably not enough time to finish it. To see the post, go to the front page and look for the title.

Welcome. Thank you for visiting our site. It is here to encourage, exhort, and inspire visitors. We are Bible- and Christian-based in function, including testifying and showing that the earth and the universe did not happen by accident but by the design and command of God. We unashamedly declare the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are inspirational blogs and courses that have drawn people, so feel free to visit them. Our materials are free; courses are downloadable. We do not keep either personal information or mailing lists. We simply aim to serve. A good deal of our work is in the mission field, where we provide various educational helps in the form of training and teaching. We invite you to look at reports and review more About Us.

Inspirational Blogs. We use a group of blogs about the heavens, the earth, and people to tell short stories with images. The things around us provide many parables and lessons. We invite you to read them. Usually we two to four new posts each month.

Courses. One of our primary purposes is to provide educational helps to those who are needy and need biblically-based materials. Courses are downloadable without charge and passable to others as long as the copyright information is carried with the material and it is passed without charge. Currently we have two courses available:

(1) The Creation Study. In addition to presenting biblical creation, the course addresses some key questions about fossils, the Ice Age, dinosaurs, and the origin of the universe. Comparisons to this world view are made with the current popular evolutionary or naturalistic conjecture for the origin of the universe, which depends on chance occurrences over deep time, self organization of energy, and life from non-life with no external influence. As near as we can tell, there have been over 2300 downloads of the course from our site, not including copies that may have been passed to others (which is permitted).

(2) Astronomical Observing from a Biblical ViewAOBV teaches, as we have done in several countries, how to observe the heavens with eyes and the assistance of small optical instruments. AOBV is a practical course but is underpinned with a biblical viewpoint of the heavens, which are often addressed in the Bible. The delight of observing the created heavens is practical and obtainable if the course skills are mastered. Please download the current version (version two) if you are still using the original.

Note: Both courses are designed for early high school level and able to be used in groups, churches, schools, or families. We can often provide presentations and training to introduce or provide overviews. If interested, send us a request via the <Contact Us> form.

Prayer and Purpose. As we tell our Christian friends, please keep us in prayer as we move forward. Go under the About Us menu if you are unfamiliar with us and want to know more about the ministry foundation and motivation. We are home-based and all volunteer but we aim to assist others when we can. Our real desire is to have hundreds of families and individuals, who are committed Christians, doing similar things. There is much work to do. If you are interested in training, supporting what we do, or learning how to do similar things yourself, please read the Support Us section.

Events and History Summary.

A quick summary of the last few years of activity to the preseent are listed below. For more detail on the past, visit the History section under the About Us drop-down menu.

2015 to Present

We are actively sorting and shipping things to our friends in the Philippines, where we still have an active project. Our early 2016 trip to the Institute of Foundational Learning in the Philippines was very fruitful. Another more extensive visit will occur in early 2017. In the local Virginia area, we continue to serve the local Chinese church, occasionally hold seminars or prayer meetings, and conduct outreach sessions where we observe the heavens with binoculars or telescopes. We still travel stateside to give seminars or do some practical outreach as we can.

General 2012-2014 Activity:

Overseas work was dominated by the Philippine Project and the publishing of the creation study. We had four trips during these three years to the Institute of Foundational Learning  (founding school/ministry is about an hour SE of Manila). We have delivered supplies, trained staff/teachers, and provided encouragement to children at this ministry or its outreach stations. We also provided training for our Astronomical Observing from a Biblical View course.

We helped our friends at Kings Outreach in Hanford California during two extended trips during 2013 and 2014.

General 2011-2010 Activity:

Most activity during the year these two years was divided between the development of Astronomical Observing from a Biblical View (AOBV), site work to introduce stories/sketches, assistance to All Nations, work with the Chinese Church in Charlottesville, and new work with Institute for Foundational Learning (IFL) in the Philippines.

General 2009-2008 Activity:

1. Astronomical Observing with a Biblical View (AOBV) was developed into its first edition form. We trained people in both the US and Uganda during this period with the first edition.

2. The Uganda Project dominated both 2008 and 2009. The Uganda project included sending a container to a village and ministry operated by NEEPU. Our trips involved the distribution of materials in the container but we also conducted various types of educational training.

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