Help for Repairing Children’s Home from Typhoon Odette — Philippines

We have been in contact with the Director of IFL-ICDMI (Institute for Foundational Learning – Integrated Community Development Ministries, Inc.), Pat Capwell, about damage from Typhoon Odette that struck the region about a month ago. Like Katrina in the US, the typhoon rolled through several islands in the Philippines, inflicting major damage in northern Mindanao. Charisma Bethel Children’s Home in Surigao received extensive damage. We want to help them.

This home is similar to the IFL children’s homes we work with at IFL Laguna during our trips. The orphans are displaced, and repairs have barely started. Funds are in very short supply. Faylene and I will be sending some relief via Pat Capwell, IFL Laguna. Pat and IFL Laguna staff have worked with this group for about 30 years. They are highly regarded.

If you are interested in assisting us, they could use the help. They need about 24K US to just address the children’s facilities at Bethel, which is located in the hard-hit area. The list of damages to 50 churches and staff homes is extensive, but we asked Pat to review all the reports she had and pick out an area that whose needs were most pressing. Bethel was that choice.

UPDATED PARAGRAPH.  If you wish to assist us, please send a check to the ministry address at 624 Miller School Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22903, The donation button on the site does work now, so you can send via PayPal or Credit Cards. Please list Charisma Bethel Children’s Home on donations so we flag the right funds to send to our brothers and sisters.

Pat Capwell asked for a specific estimatc of repair costs. The quote from her message is below that was sent from the director in the area that was damaged. The figures have to be divided by approximately 50 to get the equivalent in US dollars. The total is about 24K US.

Thanks for reading.  Our target date to send funds is February 10.

Roland Beard

Charisma Bethel Children’s Home Bill of materials

1. G.I sheet 450 pcs P 324.000.00    2. G.I 60 pcs P25,000.00    3. Gutter 60 pcs P28,800.00    4. Marine plywood/ceiling 200 pcs P116,000.00    5. Lumber 2x2x8 35 bundles P 19,250.00    6. Text crew 6 box P10,500.00    7. Sure Zeal 15 litter P 8,700.00    8. Rebate 15 boxes P18,750.00    9. Umbrella nails 20 kls. P 2,400.00    10.Lumber stick 1x2x8 15 bdls P 7,800.00    11. Facia Board marine 3/4x4x8 25 pcs P 40,000.00    12. Common Nails #4- 8kls P 720.00 #3- 8kls. P720.00 #2-7kls. P 665.00 #1-6kls. P 665.00

Transport/Delivery P 18,000.00

Labor force P60.000.00

Carpeutry works P 120,000.00

Estimated amount P1,200.000.00 (about 24K US)

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