Following God in Hard Reality

Familiar and pleasant circumstances have a mesmerizing effect. Most people like them. Sometimes abundance in things or time we can call our own extend the feeling of “everything is OK”. All this is like the story about a healthy young man, who comments to himself about how well he is doing as he slowly goes over his thoughts — until his feet hit the floor, because he had not gotten out of bed yet.

The pandemic period of the last two years is one of those disrupters to the “everything is OK” atmosphere. Reality is hard when it hits us in the face. People are not supposed to die before their time; circumstances are not supposed to overwhelm us; wars are surely not supposed to happen; famines and pestilence must surely not be common. I still remember reviewing the questions from children in a school in the Philippines about four years ago. They already knew the world was broken. “Why am I so bad? Why do people hate each other? Why don’t people get along? Why didn’t my mom live? Where is my dad? If God is so good, why do these things keep happening.” A good percentage of their questions were like these.

The questions and the repeating presence of “disrupters” to undisturbed “good” life is one of the reasons we teach a biblical view of creation. Things are not getting better on their own, as evolutionary and humanistic philosophies suggest. God fully intended a walk with Him from the beginning, but Genesis 1 and 2 are followed by Genesis 3 and following. We think we can do it better than God because we are arrogant — just like the first two humans when they were tempted. Though created in His image, God formed them so perfectly that they had complete freedom of choice to choose God’s way or their own. They chose their own, and we do likewise, because we are their distant offspring. The reality of sin and the depravity of man is a hard thing to cope with, but it is real.

This is where our Creator shines. The Bible shows God to be tenacious. He is One who does not let up and does not leave when things go wrong. The key is not whether things disrupt us or not. The key is whether we want Him in our disrupted circumstances, but that requires a relationship with Him. It always comes down to the same thing. In the middle of despair, hatred, sickness, or any other part of this fallen world, do we want Him enough to call on Him, repent, and learn to walk with Him. The Bible is dominated by scenes of disruption. It is not just a whimsical series of principles and statements of wonderful things. It is hard core. God wants to walk with us in a fallen and broken world. That is why Jesus came.

Consider one last thing. Christ makes a statement that is often used out of context. It is quoted below. It is absolutely true. However, read the context around the statement, which is full of disruptive scenes where hatred and sin in the heart of man are on full display. Those scenes get more and more lethal until they take the Messiah to the cross, where He dies for our sins. He never misses a beat as He walks the path forward, because He has you and me in mind. He wants to walk with us in every circumstance, no matter how disruptive, and raise us to eternal life in the end. It only requires the same thing the first two people could have chosen: do you want God and a relationship with Him more than anything and through everything that might occur? If so, ask Him. If you have forgotten Him in your temporary comfort, repent and return to Him who walks beside those who are challenged with life itself.

Matthew 11:28-30     Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”


For a resource on the biblical view of our world that begins with Genesis, go to the site and read what is available under downloadable courses. A free Android App is also available. Look for the white hand emblem in a blue circle. For videos on the subject, go to the CreationStudyHelps YouTube channel. We offer training on the same materials.


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