Who Am I? Is God real?

Where do young people get answers to their burning questions?

We answer lots of questions from young people in our mission work. Those questions, which agree with other findings we have reviewed, show young people asking about where they came from and who they are. They also ask about whether they came from monkeys like the books say, why the world is not working very well, why bad things happen, what happened to the dinosaurs, and are there any aliens? These questions can be answered from a biblical view, especially with respect to the first eleven chapters of Genesis. Not everyone believes in evolution. Furthermore, evolution (star dust to mircobiologists) does not work, but few people have examined the issues or the assumptions that drive this world view. Young people are affected.

We have a resource to help, but we also have a series of short videos that covers key points. We recommend the “CreationStudyHelps YouTube channel to see any of the dozen 10-12-minute videos that also include a trailer, introduction, and links to get the free resource Apps. Here is the link: CreationStudyHelps – YouTube. Please consider watching these and passing the information to others.

Biblically based answers collide with evolution, which is the only answer taught to most young people around the world. There is good scientific reason to reject evolution as well as rejecting it on biblical grounds. The resource covers the biblical view but also covers the conclusions from research and work by Bible-believing scientists and specialists.

Each video description includes how to get our resources and cites helpful information sources. We invite you to take a look.

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