Historical Confirmation: Our State of Affairs

The world view battle continues as it has from the first generations. The mighty noise of naturalism or evolution was birthed a long time ago. It all happened by itself — undirected from the amorphous start. If you follow the logical conclusions for this world view: we are getting better;… Continue reading

The Two R’s in February

The Two R’s in February. My little first grader came home with a list of the months of the year to memorize.  He was repeating them to me in their order and spelling them.  I corrected him with his mistaken spelling of the second month. He pronounced it again with… Continue reading

Mountain Tables and Frozen Sea Sands

The rich green Blue Ridge Mountains in early summer make magnificent forests. The canopies are thick with mature trees. Where it is dark, the ferns grow on the forest floor. Paths run through these mountains — from little off-shoot trails to the 2200 mile Appalachian Trail. So, we could not… Continue reading