A Best Kept Secret: Graveyards of the Genesis Flood

The southwest US has been dry for centuries. That dryness has preserved beautiful scenery of a catastrophic time: the Genesis Flood. Contrary to popular opinion and numerous state or federal signs that adhere to millions of years of slow change, the evidence of magnificent canyons, huge uplifts, and crossed layers of rapidly laid sediment can be seen in hundreds of places in this area and in other places around the world. A look at the terrain from an airplane over the southwest also shows the obvious telltale signs of a huge water catastrophe, and the record of the event is a few chapters of Genesis but referenced in other places.

Pictures such as these are not that uncommon. Places around the world show similar things. Just miles from our little cabin in West Virginia there are sharply bent layers of sedimentary rock and numerous locations with marine fossils. We pick up marine fossils  nearly every week within a few kilometers of our cabin.  But the subject gets more interesting. Consider this: Mt Everest has marine fossils. The Chilean high desert has a pod of fossilized whales. Numerous locations in the US have petrified wood. The sea beds have mountains with chopped off tops — sheared by flood waters when those locations were above local sea level. Sedimentary rock covers over 2/3 of the earth’s surface.

We even have fossilized jellyfish. T-Rex have been found that are not completely fossilized. Does this make sense or are such things even mentioned in the textbooks for the young?

What happened? One very big flood occurred about 4500 years ago, just as the Bible says. However, since geology and origins are dominated by naturalism and extremely slow millions-of-years concepts, the biblical record is disbelieved or ignored.

Your world view may be challenged by a biblical world view. However, the Genesis Flood explains the examples mentioned above. There are many other geological features that show the evidence of the worldwide catastrophe and the post-flood period that was full of lesser catastrophes in the centuries that followed.

How can this be? Why not find out?

We have written a book, which is also in eBook form, to help explain. You can also download the free APP. Look under COURSES and DOWNLOADABLE COURSES at the cwm4him.org site.

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