Age of Earth Video and Video Series Summary

We have just posted the sixth video in a series on the CreationStudyHelps YouTube channel (CreationStudyHelps – YouTube). It provides a biblical view of the age of the earth, which is in contrast to the naturalistic view that states it is 18 billion years old. It also covers why the matter is so important to understand. Here is the link directly to the most recent video: Sixth Video: Age of Earth and Why It Matters – YouTube

God’s statements and the biblical genealogies provide the basis for a few thousand years of earth history in the biblical world view. A man-defined self-generating universe, chemical evolution, then a self gathering of increasingly complex life without direction is the basis for the naturalistic world view. The video is a summation of key points covered in the biblical creation resource we have developed that relies on the Bible as well as the findings of believing scientists and specialists. Evidence to support the biblical view is briefly presented. Fast forming fossils during the global flood of Genesis are one of several areas of evidence.

For those who have not watched the series, we invite you to watch them and pass the word about them. Each video is 6-10 minutes and designed to provide summary material from the biblical creation resource. Information on the resource, which is available as a free Android APP, is at this site ( Information on how to get the book version is also on the site.

Here is the summary of the videos so far (Feb 13, 2021):

Trailer for the Resource (free Android APP) – A Study of God’s Creation Introduction

First Video: The Master Chef (from Unit 1 Lesson 1 of the Resource)

Second Video: More Characteristics of the Master Chef (from Unit 1 Lessons 2-6 of the Resource)

Third Video: What Happened at the Beginning and What Does It Mean

Fourth Video: Poisoned Culture to the Global Flood – From Unit 2 of the Resource

Fifth Video: Flood Aftermath, Babel, the Problem, and the Solution

Sixth Video: The Age of the Earth and Why It Matters

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