Active Oversight is Often Forgotten

The week’s forecast was not exciting.  Snow showers and clouds for the eastern West Virginia mountains were expected nearly every day, so no observing of the heavens was possible. When the clearing came one early morning, the dim light of dawn crept through the blinds and woke us. The crescent moon was directly in view over the Cheat Mountain foothills, showing the direction of the coming sunrise. We both grabbed our tablets and cell phones to make a few notes. We sketched later.

The discourse of God to Job came to mind, where He is sarcastic with Job. I quote one of those statements to the side of the sketch, where Job seems to have forgotten that God commands the dawn. Job had forgotten that God’s oversight goes that far. The revealing conversation shows a number of things, but one thing is confirmed in Hebrews 1:3 where it states “He upholds the universe by the word of His power” (ESV). In another place, there is an admission that if He chose to remove His hand from us, we would simply cease to live. His oversight is always present, which is one reason the biblical world view is disdained. Few want His oversight and few even believe that He has that impact on His creation. Like a child that takes his safe home for granted, we frequently forget Who created and sustains the earth.

Nevertheless, He beckons us to Himself. He has the solution for our predicaments and our sins, if we would simply come to Him. So, His conversation to Job is a reminder that He oversees our affairs.

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