The Inseparable Link to the Creator

I was reading where a person was laughed at when he suggested the Genesis Flood might be real. I have had that experience, so I understand. On the other hand, an older person was surprised when I said hardly any institution and few churches uphold Genesis as true. And, schools, almost without exception, teach that everything is naturalistic, and that your daughter and son came from star dust…then primordial soup…then pond scum that lives…then little tiny creatures…then bigger ones. Since this process has been taught several generations, very few today consider that the Bible in its opening chapters might be physically and spiritually 100% accurate.

It is.

The evidence is growing. Evidence worldwide points to a global catastrophe involving water. The planets have different and unique characteristics but should not. Information buried at the cellular level is incredibly sophisticated and cannot self develop (which is required for evolution). The list can go on. And while we live, we sometimes forget we speak from a completely unique planet — habitable like no other. We can even contemplate why we exist. How can that be?

The bottom line is even more gripping. If these bodies of evidence are true, then the Bible might be true. Then, we have an inseparable link to the Creator. Then, His plan to save us from our sin, which God says is necessary, might be true.

If any of this is challenging, go on your own to the series of summary videos at this channel: CreationStudyHelps – YouTube

You are more than welcome to laugh, call names, and think it ridiculous. But listen and watch. Pretend it is a fantasy. Then take a look at the free resource mentioned at the end of each video. It is more in depth. You might think it funny, too. But, there is a chance that you might think it is deadly serious.

Let’s look at a family. Can you describe the lineage of your daughter and son? Was it something less than human? If so, what justifies any moral stand on anything, other than cultural traditions, which change with the wind? Because, if that is true, we are the accident at the top of the heap of life.

The Bible is as radical today as it has been since the scrolls were first written. God is clear: there is an inseparable link between Him and our lives. That is what we cover in both the videos and the resource, which simply guide a person through the Record, the Bible. There is little middle ground between naturalism and a biblical world view. For this reason, it is certainly worth investigating. The decision might affect your sense of identity.

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