Binding Wounds and Placing Stars

From our lowly perspective, binding a child’s wound seems vastly different than finding the location of a star.

Picture a child running to you with tears and pain because of a scrape. We carefully take the child’s arm and remove the dirt from the scrape. All the while we comfort the child because the end of the world has not occurred, although the wound is a very big deal for the child. We wash the area clean with gentleness and carefully put on ointment then a bandage. Usually a hug follows before the child runs off to play again.

At night we gaze skyward, and see the vast array of stars. The expanse seems so large. As the seasons change, the scene changes but repeats year after year. Who are we when we consider the annual tour of the stars in the celestial sphere? And all of this seems so vastly different than treating the wound on a child.

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name.” As astounding as the statement of verse three and four of Psalm 147 appears to be, God is the one that associates binding of wounds of a little one like us to the placing and presence of stars. The juxtaposition of the statements was intentional.

20160923-m14As I observed one “little” star cluster in September, I recalled our Creator’s references to stars as well as His dealings with us. How can this be that such an Eternal God would even care about the binding of a wound or the comfort to a soul compared to the in expanse of his handiwork in the universe? His association of the two spheres is intentional to speak of the depth and breadth of His love for those who call on Him. In contrast, the denial of His hand in either sphere denies the truth and makes a wall between Him and our hearts.

Consider the sketch of one little globular star cluster in the image. This cluster is different than other clusters. Each one has unique characteristics with respect to star placement, color, and nucleus features. On the sketch, the significant stars are not just dots made with a pencil at random. I try to represent the positions of the brighter stars correctly. I try to get the nucleus region represented as best I can. All the while the sketch develops, I remember that the rendering is but a very tiny representation of the finger of God to make it and place it so I could observe it. This gathering of stars is a little representation of His care for me. He made me and placed me in time. But he goes so much further! He finds me in it, and presents His love through His Son, Jesus Christ. He forgives my sin, heals my heart, begins binding my deep inner wounds, walks with me through the perils of this life in a fallen world, and reminds me of His promise of eternal life because I have chosen to believe in Him.

Because I know these things, I know He can do it in anyone. For brothers and sisters in Christ, be encouraged. We are not forgotten. For unbelievers, consider my example and this little story. Would you not consider asking Him into your heart? What you see in the heavens will never quite be the same again. And, He will bind up your wounds.


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  1. This is great! I don’t remember seeing this in Psalm 147.

    • There are others like it, but this one is especially obvious and said with eloquence that only comes from God. Glad you liked it.

  2. I read through the psalms about once a month but never connected stars with our wounds, now that you mention it -this verse makes sense. That is really neat. Thanks Roland

  3. Roland
    Yet again how you put things in such perspective and cause me to see God from a different angle and see Him through a different set of lense amazes me. So I interesting and True. Never to old to learn.

  4. Roland and Linda

    Greetings from Romania.
    I subscribed to your site , I love it.
    To offen the Astronomy is associated with apostasy.
    Your site is like a breath of fresh air,the air of Faith !
    Please keep up your good work.

    God bless you , Mircea

  5. Myra Gaculais del Rosario

    Amen! This post drew tears.

    Praise God for the way He lets you see things this way.

    • It is quite an amazing passage that God has provided. This is why, one hand, the statement of His care for us is so powerful, because he has created, placed, and named each star. For those that deny him as creator, on the other hand, the juxtaposition of these two verses calls God and those who believe in him fools. Because the verses are true, however, and he is the creator, we have a sure hope that he is aware of our frailty. One way or another and in due time, he will absolutely rectify injustices, gather those who have believed and called on his name, and forever keep us. He is fully aware of our suffering and knows our addresses. He does deliver us from many current things, but we are in a broken world so that, to us, some things seem like they are not remedied. He remembers! He does not leave us as orphans.

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