The Genesis Connection: Special Man — Created Male and Female


One of the core beliefs taught to most school children is that man came from something less than human. It is often said we come from star dust. This stems from evolution. So, we are the most advanced among lots of other living things. The tentacles of this belief system are in many places, including ancient history and the sciences in locations where the subject matter touches on who we are and where we come from.

The Bible, on the other hand, which is God-authored and not human-authored like evolution, says man is special, created in His image, and has the breath of life (Genesis 2:7). Whether one reads Genesis 1:26-28, Genesis 2, Psalm 139:14-18; the Prophets; the Gospels (like John 3:16), or the latter books (like 1 John 3:1), the specialness of man is upheld. Part of that specialness is His intention that we be related to Him in life. This can be understood from many texts.

Admittedly, there is a problem in us according to the Bible because we err or sin or go away from God, but none of this changes God’s creative miracle that we, indeed, are specially created in His image. But He goes further by stating that we are created male and female, fully intending us to procreate. He did not create anything other than male and female, which is easily seen in our biological make-up down to the details of our chromosomes. Suggestion to say otherwise is in direct conflict with the God of the Bible.

Our Creator has not changed His intentions, purposes, or standards. We are the ones that change, find other ways to define life, origins, makeup, or purpose. He remains the same and consistent. What He says is increasingly in conflict with the popular notions that we emerged from something less than human and male/female natures are changeable at will.

There are dilemmas, but they are not new. Both Genesis 3 and Romans 5:12-14 state that issues stem from decisions made by the first created people and the long-term consequences of those actions. God provides solutions to issues, but that will be in other posts. Regardless, the special creation of man (male and female) and His intention for man to be related to the Creator from the beginning, have not changed.


Want more information? Read Genesis. Follow this series. Download the free APPs that are described and referenced at Look under downloadable courses and the hand emblem as a link to the APPs at the Play Store. Watch the videos at CreationStudyHelps YouTube channel for summary points.

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