The Genesis Connection: “Kinds”


Consider life and foliage that we see around us. It appears to be grouped, and it is. From the Bible’s first book (Genesis 1) the word “kinds” is used with respect to foliage (or vegetation) on Day 3 of creation, birds on Day 5 of creation, fish on Day 5 of creation, and living things on land on Day 6 of creation. Why is it special? It is because God defined them. The “kinds” don’t change. Things within a kind can change, which shows the incredible variations that are possible, due to the way God designed the “kinds”. Thus, species can develop and be observed, but they stay within a “kind”. One kind does not turn into another.

The cartoon shows a helicopter turning into a person, but the series of drawings does not make it possible or true. Likewise, the popular notion that star dust turns to living pond scum, which turns to sea life, which turn to living things on land, which turns to microbiologists at the end is not true either. Yet, it is usually taught as fact and is supposedly applicable to the whole universe. This is evolution.

There is a problem. Evolution cannot be scientifically verified. Contrary to popular evolutionary thinking and hope, the multitudes of “missing links” that should be present are absent. There are many artful efforts to show such things, but they are just that: art. That does not keep most educational institutions from teaching evolution as accurate, which is what most children learn. If not true, why is the approach so believed and widespread?

Notice the Biblical contrast: God says He created all things, and He describes the “kinds” in broad terms. That is what we observe. What is the objection, then? The objection is that one must consider the Creator, which is generally not acceptable. In the meantime, the details of genetic code, the complexities of observed creation, and the continued procreation of “kinds” continues (other than extinctions), just as the Bible describes. One can find descriptions of kinds of life in Job and other books. Man stays man throughout the Bible. He is one of those kinds, and a very special one.


Want more information? Read Genesis. Follow this series. Download the free APPs that are described and referenced at Look under downloadable courses and the hand emblem as a link to the APPs at the Play Store. Watch the videos at CreationStudyHelps YouTube channel for summary points.

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