I was in a room that had a window facing west. The window had blinds that were mostly shut. The glow of the sun through the blinds was very faint, yet it was a clear sky with a bright sunset. If that is all I saw day after day, I might make some interesting but faulty conclusions about what day looked like.

If the blinds were completely shut during my lifetime and I never could leave the room, then what I thought of the outdoors, whatever that was, would be subject to speculation. I would not understand that my restricted view had become an assumption, because the room and my thoughts about it is all I understood.

If evolution is like the set of blinds that blocks me from seeing things as they are outside that room of thinking.  Man has thought up and taught an evolutionary picture for decades. God is not permitted inside that room. But, the Bible says He made everything to begin with. So, if the assumption that He is not real or pertinent is false, then conclusions about history, life, origins, and even behavior might be far from the truth.

The next few posts will be covering some key topics relating Genesis in the Bible to key biblical truths. They stand in stark contrast to popular notions about some important modern issues.

Look for the symbol in the post and the words “Genesis Connection” in the coming posts.

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