Courses. One of our key educational helps is the provision of free and downloadable courses. Our experience in developing regions has taught us that bible-based materials are either hard to get or too expensive. With this in mind and as a result of our experience in certain areas, we offer the courses described below without charge. They are copyrighted, but they may be copied and passed freely for those who need them. We can provide training on request.  More detail is under the COURSES drop-down menu.

Please note, a one-year curriculum course, written at the high school level, has been developed from the Creation Study that is described below. It is refined and expanded but not currently available online. When it will be online or available in hard copy form is being evaluated. It is only currently available on printed form in the Philippines.


1. Creation Study. Biblical creation is the context for the Bible. God provides an Eyewitness account in Genesis and provides other information in various books that, when studied, present a world view  that is utterly different from what is taught in most institutions today. This course presents the biblical world view but additionally compares it to a naturalistic (or evolutionary) world view. The purpose is to provide teachers, parents, and children a strong biblical basis for interpreting the world around them that makes sense, promotes good operational science, and answers key questions. Issues like creation of the universe, the ages of things, dinosaurs, the presence of “bad” things or evil, the Genesis flood, the Ice Age, are addressed. It is a 24 lesson course that requires a Bible. Access to the internet, while not required, is helpful for further research using the web site. Read More

2. Astronomical Observing from a Biblical View (AOBV). This course was birthed from needs we found in regions where science equipment, disciplines of observing, and an understanding of biblical creation were lacking. However, highly developed regions rarely have this training either. The objective is to learn how to practically observe the night skies from a biblical creation world view. In the process, the student learns the important disciplines of observing, which are needed in most fields of endeavor. The course is designed to be taken by teachers or parents, although older students can master the course if they have oversight. Some basic observing equipment and references are needed that are spelled out at the beginning, but the list is kept simple and brief in view of needs in developing regions. The course consists of 12 lessons, which can also be subdivided. When we train a group of teachers, the course takes about 24 hours of instruction (not including night observation periods and reading the lessons). This course is designed to teach the basics so that a person can proceed to observe the night skies on their own with some confidence. Read More

Presentations and Media

We are asked to make presentations on topics related to courses and we have developed materials to support training. The PRESENTATIONS AND MEDIA sub menu takes you to any items that are available. You are welcome to review and use the material. Again, although copyrighted, our materials are available for free and can be copied as long as they are passed freely.


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