YouTube channel public: CreationStudyHelps — Update

Our new “CreationStudyHelps” YouTube channel has now been public for a week. We have added a video which takes the short series through the Genesis Flood. The series is good for seekers who may not be familiar with the radical differences between a biblical world view and a naturalistic/evolutionary world… Continue reading

A Call to Believers: Behavior and Discipline in Media

How can you be disciplined in the use of media? This includes texting, posting on social media, writing emails, or simply talking or texting with people on cell phones or tablets, or video in a variety of forms. My last post covered a biblical call to social contact, which is… Continue reading

A Call to Social Contact

THE VIRUS AND THE ECONOMY, NOTE 4 A CALL TO SOCIAL CONTACT — A BIBLICAL CASE The tumultuous time began with the virus. Near the beginning I warned friends and wrote of the one – two punch of the virus AND the economy. The effects of the two sometimes appear… Continue reading


Courses. One of our key educational helps is the provision of free and downloadable courses. Our experience in developing regions has taught us that bible-based materials are either hard to get or too expensive. With this in mind and as a result of our experience in certain areas, we offer… Continue reading

Astronomical Observing from a Biblical View (AOBV)

Astronomical Observing from a Biblical View (AOBV) Authors: Roland and Linda Beard Verson 2 of this course was published in early January 2015. If you downloaded the first version, we recommend downloading the new version to take advantage of the improvements and additions. Summary. AOBV is a course of instruction that… Continue reading