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Creation Course.

This course provides a basic study on biblical creation and compares it to the evolutionary/naturalistic view that dominates most education institutions. All forms of the resource, which are discussed below, are designed as a regular study for those 13 and older. You need a Bible with the resource. The study answers questions often asked by people about the creation, the Genesis Flood, fossils, the uniqueness of earth, whether aliens exist, and many other questions that are often on the minds of young people. Why not know the biblical answers and know why they make sense–even compared to the radically different but dominant evolutionary view, which also must be believed by faith.

For the record and as stated in the resource: operational science is avidly supported and encouraged, but from a biblical creation framework.  The biblical worldview affects our concepts of history and social studies as well as the sciences in regard to origins. The course is designed to deal with fundamental questions concerning worldview assumptions and is not shy about comparing the biblical worldview with the dominant naturalistic worldview.

Forms of the Resource

 27-Lesson Original Study. This original Bible study has been superseded by expanded versions of the resource. However, it remains available in English and Spanish in PDF format for those without access to cell phones or vendors that have the hard copy expanded version. The download buttons are below.

60-Lesson 2020 Biblical Creation Course. This expanded and re-edited version (in English and Spanish) includes extra chapters on the Genesis Flood and chapters covering answers to key questions from young people. The author highly recommends this version compared to the original study due to the expanded sections, the extra resources, and the re-editing work. The cell phone applications, which are FREE to download, are especially designed for ease of use on any smart phone (Apple or Android operating systems).  They also contain extra resources that operate when there is internet connection. The hard copy and ebook versions can be purchased by going to

The free cell phone App is pointedly designed for developing regions, needy people, and areas without Christian resources are scarce. Look for the white hand emblem on a blue circle, which is common for all cell phone versions. The application button on the right hand side of this site page takes you to the Android version.  From either the Play Store on Android phones or the App Store on Apple phones, type Creation Study in the search window and look for the hand emblem in the results.

This cell phone version is the complete course with a convenient navigation tool to go to various lessons. It is about the size of a few photographs on a reasonably modern smart phone, so the application does not take excessive memory. See the description in the Play Store or the App Store for more detail.

If you have the cell phone version already and have not updated the application since early 2021, please update to obtain the more complete resources on the Android version.


27-Lesson Creation Bible Study  – Download Now

download-button-englishUn Estudio de la Creacion De Dios


Astronomical Observing from a Biblical View – AOBV

AOBV is a course of instruction that is designed to teach practical skills for observing the heavens from a Biblical world view. The student learns observing techniques, which include using modest instruments and recording observations. Basic writing skills are needed but the lessons presume the student has no practical knowledge of the heavens or what the Bible says about them. A small amount of astronomy is introduced to facilitate learning to observe. When a student has completed the course, he should have adequate skills to discover the created heavens for himself. The authors’ desire is for every student to discover some of the majesty and power of God through the process of observing the heavens. Read More

NOTE: Version 2 is posted. If you made the download prior to January 2015, we recommend downloading this new version.

Astronomical Observing from a Biblical View

Download Now


About the Author/Instructor.

Roland Beard was trained as an engineer and worked as a systems and trends analyst for the US government for over 25 years. Roland has taught bible topics for decades, but especially those dealing with the Gospels, Acts, and the subject of biblical creation. Roland and Faylene Beard spend half their time in the Philippines teaching biblical creation or training teachers/pastors on the same subject. Roland recently published a biblical creation 4-quarter curriculum for use in the Philippines at a federation of Christian schools (Second Edition). a third edition for elementary level will be developed in the next two years. These are not currently available for download.

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