Where is the star equation?

The teachers were listening to a introductory training on biblical creation as I gave them the question, “Where is the star equation?” It seems simple enough. We see stars all the time, we see galaxies (star cities) quite often from our backyard observatory, where we have often gathered with some… Continue reading

A Little Volcano’s Touch

Within two days of the January 12, 2020 eruption of the Taal volcano, which is well within 50 km of our mission station at a Philippine ministry near Cabuyao, Laguna, there were ‘cries’ on the internet about its meaning. Some reports made the leap to link it to other eruptions,… Continue reading

2019 Review and the Road Ahead

We have completed a year-end review and this is the report. There are significant actions and challenges that lie ahead. For followers and readers: we invite you to the link below that you may read the report for yourself. The report is in a PDF original file that you can… Continue reading

Was my brother born “gay”?

The short answer is this: He was born your brother. Cultural trends may disagree, but the biblical world view from Genesis is that God created them “male and female”. Further, He forms the definition of the relationship generally intended for most people: marriage (Genesis 2:24). Jesus refers to Genesis in… Continue reading

The Power of a Biblical Marriage Covenant

It is not a secret. Marriage between one woman and one man in a biblical worldview yields fruit and measurable peace. Statistics show it. Behavior shows it. People, even little people, are affected in a positive way when around it. We see children all the time. Many are orphans. Sometimes… Continue reading