The Genesis Connection: What is it All About?


About a month ago I started a series of posts called the Genesis Connection. It is because the first book of the Bible has key events whose consequences reach into the rest of the books. So, I have covered a few topics that can be found on Roland’s Blog at

  1. What are we seeing?
  2. Kinds
  3. Special man – Created Male and Female
  4. What is Real History?
  5. Marriage and Morality

But what is the bigger picture? What is the framework of a biblical worldview that makes it unique and begins with this most unusual book called “Genesis”? Is it remotely possible that God is real, does not change, created us, and wants to know us? The details, some of which have been covered, are truly counter-culture. That is not new, however, the Gospel is disagreeable for most people from the beginning. The “big picture”, therefore, is unpopular with most. Yet, some seem to find Him, and the impact is seen in those lives. That has been the case through history.

So, if you had to come up with a name for the big picture, what would it be? The Scripture titles it as “the Kingdom of God.” It is all about God’s incredibly thorough, locked-in historical record of the way to get to know Him, and shows lots of examples of how not to. It is all about Jesus Christ, who came, paid an ultimate price for the wayward ways of mankind that began with the first two people in Genesis. The early books lead to the record of Christ, our kinsman redeemer, who was born of a virgin, lived, was crucified without just cause, and rose from the dead. God’s Son suffers in our place for our sins and guarantees a way forward for any person who repents and calls upon Him. God does the essential act of birthing that soul, re-establishing the connection that was lost due to sin.

In Christ’s village to village short life on earth, the message is repeatedly called “the Kingdom of God”. It is good news for the lost, good news for sinners, and life eternal for those who walk with Him. It is no more complicated than that. One cannot earn it, buy it, or bully their way to God any other way. God does not change, but He provides an avenue by which we are changed if we live in Him.

This is also why the Gospel is hated. Mankind hollers the same thing all the time: “I will not serve God.” Those who believe the biblical good news are frequently ridiculed or persecuted. Others think the whole thing is downright stupid or foolish. None of this takes away from God, who will judge each one relative to the response to the good news of the Kingdom. He is patient, waiting for the each one as long as the earth endures, to come to Him. He is not willing that any be lost.


Stay tuned. A few more topics will be covered in this short series. For more information on a biblical world view, try these resources:

Download the free APPs that are described and referenced at

Look under downloadable courses and the hand emblem as a link to the APPs at the Play Store.

Watch the videos at CreationStudyHelps YouTube channel for summary points.

Are there other sources? Of course. Try,, or There are many others. Among these sites are plenty of articles by specialists and scientists that adhere to a biblical view of creation.

Want the hardcopy book instead on of the Android cell phone APPs? Go for links to the resource called “A Study of God’s Creation Filled with Purpose, Direction, and Consequence”

Above all references, read the Bible. And, talk to a serious bible-believing person. The Good News is alive!


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