Our Christmas Card (2022) and an Update

As we are nearing the end of 2022, we wanted to share a Christmas card with our followers and friends. The story and image follow this paragraph. Our year-end is staying busy as we are in the final stages of house construction in Bear Creek, NC and beginning preparations for a mission trip to the Philippines in late January 2023. You can stay abreast of us at the CHRISTWORKS MINISTRIES website, which is now fully operational with a new webhost. We appreciate the prayer support and helps over the last year. We thank our board members for their participation in ministry oversight. We thank Teresa Skinner for her help with our website. Friends, let us encourage each other daily. Love one another as Christ in us would have us do.

Our Christmas Card (2022)

This year’s electronic card, which is also the one we send to those not on social media or the internet, is attached. The idea for this mixed media card was heavily influenced from the many reflections Faylene and I have shared together as we embarked on a 2022 year-long reading of the Bible. We used a method devised by a young Scottish pastor, Robert Murray M’Cheyne (1813-1843). He died young, but not before he had developed, taught, and employed a system of daily Bible readings to his congregation. It is still used.

The year took us through all the Bible books, and some of them twice, so the expanse of the message of the Gospel, the rich heritage of God’s intent to have a people for himself (if they call on him), and mankind’s desperate need for the Savior, were emboldened for us during the year.

It so happened that I was re-reading portions of Isaiah and Luke during the last month. God’s purposes and actions stood out to me. He shall bring a people to himself and ultimately judge the world with respect to His righteousness and love as revealed through Jesus Christ.

All of this contributed to the two references on the card. The Gospel engenders worship in both of us as we have considered the grace and mercy extended to us.

Have a solid and thankful Christmas.

Roland and Faylene


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  1. Beautiful card & message!

  2. Thank you for sending your Christmas card. We wish you and Faylene a
    very Merry Christmas, a prosperous new year, and a safe and joyful trip to the Philippines.

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