Escape Corruption for the sake of Children

Escape the corruption, Christians, for the sake of the children!

The parent explained to a friend of ours that they had been asking their little one if he really wanted to be a boy. Apparently he did, but could not understand why his parents kept asking. He told them, more than once, “I’m a boy!”

Another parent, after some frustrating times with parenting, confessed to “hating” being a parent.

Another parent commented that the last “one” was over the top.

Another parent …

In the last couple weeks we have heard a number of stories, complaints, or admissions from parents that were unhealthy. No doubt, parents face challenges and frustrations. As the degeneration society continues, a biblical world view of life, including parenting, continues. The challenges are increasing. However, the characteristics of them have not changed.

If you are a Christian parent (you believe Jesus Christ is your Lord, He is in your heart, and you walk accordingly—as best you can), then there is hope and peace in your difficulties and mistakes. The same is true for those who may not have children, but love them, mentor them, or lead them in one fashion or another.

For the sake of the children, hold fast to what is true. Hold fast to the reality that God, the Majestic Creator, envisioned a people who would call on Him and walk in His ways. Knowing our sinful state, He did a mighty thing to defeat sin for us. His plan has not changed. He intends to have fellowship and give life to all those who call on Him. Parents and those who love children, trust Him in your circumstances and commit your way to Him. The children you touch, even those not your own, need your guidance, even if they are ornery, self-centered, and have not yet made a commitment to the One who foreknew them. For parents leaning to increasingly popular ideas about relationships or choosing your gender, there is hope, but you must change your direction away from that corruption. If you have damaged children, there is hope in Christ in you that can help change take place. You can see change happen if you repent and ask Him to help your walk.

In this day it is even more important to hold fast to biblical truths with children. Encourage little girls to be girls. Encourage little boys to be boys. Demonstrate, if you are married, that love between a husband (a man) and wife (a women) is a more than a good thing. It is a God thing. Deliberately move away from sin or sinful tendencies. Remain actively involved in your children’s oversight like you oversee your own life.

2 Peter 1:4 makes this statement (the underline is mine), “…by which he has granted to us his precious and very great promises, so that through them you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped from the corruption that is in the world because of sinful desire.” (ESV)

It goes further to explain that some important qualities, when deliberately practiced, add to faith in such a way that we can avoid falling. We all need that kind of work of God in us as we walk.

Hold fast, bible-believing Christians. Children are near you, and they need you to be His child in their midst.

If you do not know Him, your heart and body ache for peace, or you are racked with damage inflicted on you, consider the seriousness of Christ’s message of the Good News. He is the solution, but it takes changing your direction toward Him and walking with Him. While thinking on this, grab a Bible and read one of four books (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John). If that is too long, read John 3 and 4. One of those two people in conversations with Jesus Christ were no different than you or I.

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