Information and Why Biblical Creation Matters

Announcement for a New Video on the CreationStudyHelps YouTube channel.

The link takes you to a new video that discusses two topics: information and why biblical creation matters. This is the last of a series of videos that summarize the resource, “A Study of God’s Creation Filled with Purpose, Direction, and Consequence”.

Tenth Video: Information and Why Biblical Creation Matters – YouTube

As a summary, do you think information in the simplest cell self-gathered, got complex on its own,  evolved to simple multi-cellular life, and finally yielded a microbiologist after a very long time? That is what evolution teaches. In view of discoveries about information  in living things over the last few decades, that assertion is seriously challenged. However, God says that He created all things, which includes the immensely complex information in living things.

In a larger scope, why does it matter? Does it make any difference how things came to be? The Bible asserts that creation matters and the Creator matters. Furthermore, the Bible explains that He intended for us to know Him but gave us full choice whether to acknowledge Him or not. Neither the Bible or the resource is shy about addressing the topic.

We invite you to the YouTube channel (CreationStudyHelps – YouTube ) and the new video (link above).

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