His Hand From Sky to Sea

We are packing for a move to North Carolina, where our West Virginia cabin will be moved and integrated into a larger home. The story is quite involved, but we know we are being led to make the change. The need for bringing people to our home as well as having room to write, record, and have a base near family members are all part of the equation. The largest part that drives the train, however, is the urging and direction that comes from the Holy Spirit.

Notwithstanding, we continue to walk each day in West Virginia and venture into the cool mountain air in the evenings to see the Creator’s hand. Yesterday was no exception. We walked in the morning on the Tygart River path, which is worn from our frequent walks, including a 200 yard extension I made a year ago to reach a rock bar.

Spring in the mountains runs three weeks later than the lowlands in North Carolina, so early wild flowers are still in bloom. It is probably our last Spring at this location to enjoy detailed observation of the Creator’s hand in wild flowers on this little path. So, Faylene and I picked a bunch of these little ones that included alexanders, bluets, violets, buttercups, stone crop, daisies, garlic mustard, flea bane and two types of chickweed. We even threw in a bloom from a dogwood sapling.

Last evening we observed, as we do often if the sky conditions are good. I did a quick sketch of the 3-day old waxing crescent moon that was sandwiched between a line of grey clouds and the rising mountains on the West side of the Tygart Valley. The moon size is exaggerated, but the scene is otherwise as I observed it. The chances to observe did not end with going to bed, however. I woke at 3:30 am to find the skies pristine-clear. The time meant we could see the Milky Way stretched from southeast to overhead, from Sagittarius to Cassiopeia — the same sky we would see in early evening in late Summer. Why the same picture? Because the Wonderful Creator placed the heavens on the fourth day of the creation week with a precision that permits us to periodically observe most of the night skies every year. We were a sight with robes and jackets and quickly donned shoes over bare feet, but the fifteen minutes of observation were well worth it. Under these conditions, the Milky Way appears as a line of whitish clouds and the prominent stars are so numerous it is easy to get lost.

When we get settled in North Carolina, the skies will be the same. It’s only a few degrees latitude to the south of our WV location. Some of the flowers will be the same, but some will be different due to the warmer conditions. A move is just a part of moving forward since we have much mission work to do. One book is in the wings; children’s books of mission stories are waiting to be completed; our beloved friends in the Philippines await our return.

In the meantime, we highly recommend our Creator — to know Him and see His hand in Creation. Hebrews 1 and John clearly explain Who He is. Genesis 1-11 explain what happened at the beginning and what went wrong when sin entered the world. The Good News is accented by this context because it magnifies His loving kindness. It led to these simple words in John 3, “God so loved that He gave…” He beckons us to know Him…still.

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  1. Praying for your smooth transition to the next adventure God has planned for you. May you ever…until its time to move to your eternal home, walk and share in the blessing God gave you when He joined you together as one. He knows what He’s doing all the time your life together is a wonderful example!
    Love you both,

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