Higher & Deeper. Note 4

Faylene’s story…

The man and I walked by the river.  He took my hand and safely guided me down the bank to the water’s edge.  The water was moving swiftly.  Rain on the mountains meant the water level rose overnight.

We didn’t ask for the rain.  It just came. We didn’t carve out the river or make the mountain.

Under the swiftly moving water, I could see the tree that had fallen off the edge of the bank, from someplace close by or further up the river, and became lodged; its roots and limbs caught along the bank.

“Will it stay there?” I asked the man who always has his eyes on the changes in the river.

“It may rot where it is or dislodge and move further downstream when the river rises sufficiently, and the current is swift enough.  We can’t tell.  The river changes.”

The One who raised the mountains, lowered the valleys, and caused the rain to fall, still sees us beside this riverbank.  He still knows our questions.  He hears our prayers.

As I gaze at the water covering the trapped fallen tree, I remember His promise.  Out of your heart will flow rivers of living water.  “Yes, Lord, may that living water be high enough and deep enough to dislodge that fallen dead tree in my life and anything else that needs to be washed away.  Make it possible for the river of living water to flow freely.”

Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’      John 7:38 (ESV)

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