Higher and Deeper, Note 6

Higher and Deeper, Note 6 Roland and Faylene Beard

Can you be like this tree growing by streams of water? Roots go everywhere to bring water and nutrients to keep it growing and healthy. The river is life for the tree. The Psalm 1:7-8 says that a person is blessed if he delights in God and His Word. And he shall be like a tree planted by rivers of water. Six short verses in Psalm 1 take less than a half a minute to read, but longer to digest in the heart.

Our souls are fed because Faylene and I have found this biblical principle to be true. We speak everyday about various aspects of the wonder of His steadfast love and have found the Bible to be a delight. In a time of turmoil like this, with a dangerous virus sweeping the world and economies diving, God is a rock and life to our souls. He is steady when the world is not.

Anyone can know this river of life that God provides. It begins with wanting Him. Nothing else satisfies the soul as He does. If a person turns away from following his own way and turns to God, God will reach out and save that hungry soul. The Bible becomes the Record of His call to men but also includes much detail about how we tend to avoid Him. Nevertheless, He beckons us to come and has made a way for us through Jesus Christ, who is the way, the truth, and the Life. Christ is the Living Water, as John 4 eloquently explains.

Why not take the time to read or listen to Psalm 1 and John 4? And, make them personal by drawing close to Him. Let Him be Living Water for your soul.

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