Finding Clarity in Obscure Times

Autumn days often bring early morning fog. As I was standing on the balcony of our little apartment, I could see the tree outline but nothing more. The vibrant autumn colors I could see two days earlier were hidden.

The same scene during the frontal edge of a thunderstorm last summer showed vivid grey swirling clouds but the trees were nearly silhouetted. Again, the detail in the trees was hidden.

Yet another day near sunset showed bright skies and flaming colors in the clouds, but the details of the forest could not be seen.

On other days, when there are blue skies and high sun, I can see layers of trees, details of the ground beneath the trees, and birds in the forest.

Seeing the forest depends on choosing the right conditions. Light is the key. Without the light, there is no ability or clarity to see the trees that make up the forest.

Likewise, the human heart needs light to see. The Bible explains that Christ is the light of life. When He comes into a heart, it puts a light where there was none.  Sin becomes evident and can be dealt with when there is light. Works can be proven in His light. Fruitfulness in a life can be realized with His light.

Without it, however, there is a seeking for light in the resources of man’s wisdom, which is woefully inadequate. Right and wrong become obscure and often reversed. Simple truths become rendered as false and false things become rendered as true. We live in that kind of time, and it touches at the heart of social behavior.

God made male and female but an increasing trust in people’s “wisdom” says that is false. Regardless of the chromosome makeup, the current wisdom says we can choose whatever gender becomes suitable to our desires. Not only is clarity lost, but basic science is ignored. In the process, children are being destroyed.

We now have scientific evidence of the detail of human life–even before birth. It was once trusted as sacred, but no longer is. The father can abandon, the mother can terminate, and the public can choose to believe the unborn child is a simple collection of cells. Regardless of laws, young life has become cheap in many circles. In the process, children are being destroyed.

Relationships of all types are now popular, or at least commonly accepted. As one acquaintance told a friend of mine, ‘It is a second or third date, of course we can do anything we want.’ Even affections that were once considered unnatural among men or among women are now increasingly being encouraged, so the marriage between a man and a woman becomes optional. So, God’s biblical statements on marriage or morality are now considered to have no authority. Even for the young in schools, these notions are creeping into books and teaching. In the process, homes and children are being destroyed.

The human race, which God designed, needs biblical light, or it does not understand what it is doing or who it is. But since educational institutions nearly all claim that we came from non-life by accidental processes, then a biblical view is now considered mythical, not real, or not applicable. We are simply the most advanced animal, and often are compared to such. In the process, children are being destroyed.

A return to a biblical world view is not a request on my authority but on biblical authority. God still calls people to repent, turn to Him, and then He freely gives light, brings clarity, and retrieves the lost. Even a life twisted into a pretzel and injured or confused has hope when God is trusted. He clears the air, removes the fog, and puts His light in the place of the fallible wisdom of men. His message has not changed, and He still desires a relationship with people. He demonstrates this very simply — the Father sent His Son, that whoever would believe in Him would not perish, but would have everlasting life. In the process of the changes He brings, He establishes a peace in the human heart and a foundation for right relationships among people. Children will then be saved, not destroyed.


Have questions? Contact us. Grab a Bible and begin to read Luke or Mark. One of those books read at one sitting is a small fraction of the average time the average person sits in front of a TV or a phone screen every day.


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