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The Biblical Creation application (the same as the free downloadable application for Apple or Android phones) is also resident on the site for public use. See the top right of the drop down menu for this item: CREATION STUDY HELPS APP. One click gets you to the cover page. A click on that cover page, goes directly to the index and content: Creation Study Helps App – Christworks Ministries (

For those that are not familiar with this resource, it includes a broad introduction to a biblical world view with emphasis on the first eleven chapters of Genesis, an introduction to key elements and evidence that supports a worldwide flood, the effects of the flood in the centuries following the Flood, and a general comparison of the biblical world view compared to the dominant naturalistic or evolutionary world view.

Key questions from young people are answered like: What happened to the dinosaurs? Why is there so much evil if God is so good? Did I really come from a monkey? Are their aliens? Where did everything come from?

For those who want the app on their own phone, it is about the size of several large images. Some may want to use the application on this site, however, to do their reading or investigate the application. Extended research is possible by using the key words noted in bold and brackets that can be place in the search window of Home – for further articles on many topics covered in the application.

We make a special attempt to explain why the earth is truly young and the evidence that supports this biblical view is located in several places.

While the resource is copyrighted by the author to keep its integrity, the content is designed to be passed freely. Extra resources are included that have proven handy for teachers and parents. They can also be freely copied and passed.

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