The Majesty of Creator God

The Majesty of Creator God.

Is God great? It is not hard to determine.

First, read the Bible account of creation, see the number of references to creation in both Old and New Testaments, list the authors (the major prophets, the minor prophets, God in first person, Jesus in first person, the apostles, and an array of every-day people whose comments are recorded also), and understand the plain meaning of the words.

The second step is to examine what we have found in science (actual facts but not interpretations from an evolutionary or God-deleted view).

Here are just a few findings:

  1. The Stars. There is no equation or process that can yield one star, let alone 30000+ galaxies. Star cities are varied in type and appearance. From the farthest reaches of detection, even from the new James Webb telescope in space, we find mature galaxies. Why? Because all of the heavens show His glory and attributes. What He says clearly in the Bible: they were created on Day 4 of creation.
  2. The Planets. Each is different. Each has its own characteristics, magnetism, rotation, placement, and appearance. None of these make any sense with the nebular hypothesis still taught as virtual fact to children that is not scientifically defensible.
  3. Information from the Fossil Record. The record is vast and shows numerous cases where dinosaurs are found with marine fossils and other small animals. None of this is supposed to happen according to popular geological theory that is within the assumptions of uniformity (gradual change over 100s of millions of years of slow deposits). While widespread catastrophe is deleted from consideration, yet the violence and upheaval of the Flood (as recorded in Genesis) can be seen. The amount of violence in the fossils of dinosaurs (with odd poses and often in pieces), the widespread evidence of marine fossils around the world both above and below sea level with other types of fossils, and the multiple layers of sediments where they are found testify to rapid burial and unique conditions of the catastrophic one-year Genesis Flood as described in Genesis 6-8.
  4. Information in Living Things. The degree of information complexity now understood to be present in living things is amazing. Such complexity, tiny machinery, and information density that is passed from one generation of life to the next is beyond comprehension. It is a simple thing to understand in this respect: such information does not self-develop, nor can it self-evolve from non-life to life to complex life. Evolution is dead on arrival. In contrast, God’s statements stand. He is great, the Creator, and unequalled by anything. He is the potter. Everything He created and molded is the clay.

The list could go on. and on, and on.

For this reason, we wrote the book, the free cell phone applications, and posted the videos on the CreationStudyHelps YouTube channel. It was at great expense and time to make these available to young people, teachers, and parents to know the biblical world view, even if they have no financial resources. What does it all say? The Bible means what it says and good observation as well as scientific findings show the magnitude of God’s hand as Creator. We want them to see how the world they live in can be understood with that world view, including why things are bad and where that comes from (Genesis 3). The only educational materials available in most poor regions teaches a world view based on evolution and naturalism, which assigns God-like qualities to a story that says is all happened by itself without any direction. It is very simply not true.

Why not take a look at the resources, or download the applications, then pass them to others?

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